Qatar National Museum Project

Qatar National Museum Project

TEXTEC is providing construction materials for Qatar National Museum Project.

The new museum will be set up on a 1.5 million square-foot site with 430,000 square-foot of indoor space.

It has been envisaged as a structure that the country can be proud of not only for the exceptional collection it would house in its vast galleries but also because of the unique and innovative design conceptualised by award winning French architect Jean Nouvel.

“The National Museum of Qatar will become Qatar’s voice of culture, delivering a message about the metamorphosis of modernity and the beauty that manifests itself when the desert meets the sea,” said Nouvel. Inspired by the desert sand rose, Nouvel’s concept reflects the vanishing bedouin cultures of Qatar in an effort to embrace the realities of a rapidly urbanising society.

Made primarily from steel and concrete which will be locally sourced, the new building will be constructed from dozens of interlocking disk-like forms, suggestive of the blade-like petals of the desert rose.

The museum will be surrounded by a 1.2 million square foot landscaped park reflecting the Qatari desert landscape.