TEXTEC INTERNATIONAL is a USA based Global Supply Solutions Company with branch offices in LONDON, INDIA, QATAR and DUBAI. TEXTEC serving to the needs of the Oil & Gas industries, Infrastructure industries such as Railways, Hospitals, Airports, Stadiums, Hotels, etc., Petrochemicals and Steel Plants Industries worldwide.
At TEXTEC, we offer quality engineering products, equipments and value added services with the help of world-renowned & approved brands along with a team of professionally qualified individuals. Our Strategic relationship with all the major global brands makes us the one-stop brand partner for all your supply solution needs.

Our Product Line Profitable Deals


  • Pipes & Pipe Fittings , Flanges
  • Pumps & Filtrations
  • Valves, Gate, Globe, Check, Ball
  • Cryogenic Valve, Control Valve
  • Butterfly Valve, Plug Valve
  • Metal Work, Welding & Shop Supply
  • Pneumatics, Compressors & Blowers
  • Machinery Maintenance
  • Engine, Motors & Power Transmission
  • Chain & Belts
  • Earthmoving Equipment / Loader/ Cranes
  • Fasteners, Gaskets,


  • Cable Gland & Accessories
  • Cable Trays, Cable Cleats
  • Power Cable, Low Voltage & High Voltage
  • Fire Alarm Cable & Control Cable
  • Earthing System for Descend Conductors
  • Lightning Arrestor and the pole
  • Electrical supports systems
  • Data Cables and support systems


  • Pipe & Fittings – Copper, PVC/ CPVC, Acid waste
  • Valves – Ball Valve, Flush Valve, Control Valve
  • Back flow device, Angle Stop, Hose Bibs,
  • Pipe Hangers, Water Hammer Arrestor, Water Heater
  • Drains-Roof, Shower Drain, Trench Drain, Vent Piping
  • Bath Tub, Sink, Toilet and Bathroom Accessories
  • Drinking Water Fountain
  • Soldering Products


  • Process Plants & Equipment
  • Control Regulator, Metering Systems
  • Filters & Filtration Systems
  • Tank Protection Systems
  • Reformer Tubes & Radiant Coils


  • CPVC, Sprinkler Heads, Sprinkler Pipe, Sprinkler Valves, Sprinkler Fittings
  • Threaded Fittings, Grooved Couplings &Fittings, Sealant, Jan San, Sprinkler Accessories, Power Tools & Accessories, Safety & Security Products


  • Ceiling Lifts, Supine to Seated Edge of Bed, Standing & Raising Aids Passive Floor Lifts, Slings, Lateral Transfer and Reposition
  • Acute Care, Long Term Care, Home Care Medical Beds, Hospital Beds, Long-term Card Beds
  • Showering, Bathing, Burns Treatment, Liquids
  • VTE Prevention Pumps, VTE Prevention Garments Lymphedema Therapy Pumps
  • Flusher Disinfectors, Clean Chemical Liquids, Soiled Utility Rooms


  • Refrigeration Coil, Tubes & Fittings
  • Flexible Ducts, Insulated, Non-Insulated
  • Sheet Metal, Sleeves, Spin Collar, Conical etc.
  • Access Door, Flexduct Kits & Clamps


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We aspire to be a global leader in supply chain management and is committed to provide each customer with strong focus and customized solutions through our expertise teams.

Customer Focus

We are deeply committed to meeting the needs of our customers and constantly focus on customer satisfaction.


Quality is ingrained in the work of our team and all our Values. We are dedicated to deliver Quality Products & Services.

Team Work

We work together to achieve team glory. We think “win-win” always for our clients, partners and colleagues.

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